Alphabet Challenge – We’re doin’ it again!

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If you are a long time reader of my blog (which I highly doubt) you will know that upon occasion I blogged by colour.. but there is a challenge going on for that (which we try and do, very badly usually) and I used to blog by Letter too!  Now, we decided while we LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour challenge, this blog is a bit quiet other than that, so we had a menage a trois and decided to start off the Alphabet Challenge again, with 3 of us doing it! Now.. if you would like to do this challenge please do feel free and leave us a URL here and if there is enough interest we will form a flickr group etc, or a weekly roundup… but it’s not something we expect anyone to join, but we live in the vain hope they might!

The rules are pretty simple (and we tried to make them flexible)… Everything you wear… must begin with the letter you are blogging.  Now, we know how hard it is to just find a store beginning with that letter for EVERYTHING, so it can be store, item name, colour… at a stretch creator.. but I think those three rules are pretty flexible.  See our A’s below and I think you’ll see what we mean!  (click through for a larger image)

Hope to see some of you doing it! Remember to link here if you do, we’d love to show off peoples looks :)


52 WoC – Melon, Apricot & Jazzberry

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I apologise in advance, but I shall be blogging these three colours out of their intended order (as well as very late. Not that this will surprise anyone – we’re a bunch of Tail End Charlies and no mistaking). I have good reason for this: as I was putting the pictures together, I noticed that, despite two of us taking the pictures at the same time, and all of us working from the same colour palettes, we appear to have suffered from increasing levels of confusion.

First, we have Jazzberry. No real problems here, aside from the usual disagreement over colour interpretation, and some slight background issues.

52 W0C: Jazzberry

Next up, Apricot, and here the problems began. Willis and I were having trouble telling the difference between Melon and Apricot… and thus, though Arbel managed to get the background correct, despite taking her pictures at a completely different time, my background colour is entirely different to Willis’s.

52 WoC: Apricot

And finally, Melon, which is frankly a knickerbocker glory of shades. The pictures Willis sent over of my outfits were the wrong way round and I’m not 100% convinced, even now, that I’ve got hers correct. Apparently, if it ain’t from opposite sides of the colour wheel, we can’t tell the difference. Pretty though, right? What can I say: we’re cute, not that bright.

52 WoC: Melon


Top: +mocha+ – Spring Is In The Air (Pink)
Skirt: Belote – High Waist Skirt (Pink)
Leggings: Belote – LightPinkPrint
Boots: Baby Monkey – Biker Boot (Wine)
Skin: Al Vulo – Cloe, Bohemiene (Milk)
Makeup: La Petit Morte – The Romantics
Hair: Magika – Luna (Roots Edition)

Clawtooth: Woman of the Year – Delicious wine
[Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff – TDR

Skin – Curio -Sundust – Autumn – Purple Queen
Hair – Elikatira – Breeze – Colour 07
Eyes – glassy : purple
Dress – Schandanfraude – Pink Dragon Electro-Cute


Skin – League – Amber – Pale – Apricot – Frex
Eyes – Exodi – Tetra – Naturals – Ash
Hair – Exile – Kirsten – Apricot
Top – LaLaFooFoo – Belted Tunic – Apricot
Shorts – The Sea Hole – Engineer Shorts – Black

Dress: Black&Blue Outfitters – Valentino
Shoes: R.icielli – Oxford II (Gold)
Skin: Al Vulo – Cloe, Bohemiene (Milk)
Hair: LeLutka – Shoop (Walnut Whip)

The Sea Hole Garden district dress: dauphine
::Kookie:: Nudes Wedge
(fd) Sparks – Salt
[Atomic] Lien Skin (DB)_Buff – TDR


Bikini: Cool Beans – Bean-kini (Hawaiian Pink)
Gun: BOTHER. – AK-47 (Bonus pink skin)
Tattoo: SE*Designz – Buddhism
Earrings: MB Style – Earrings of Pearls
Skin: Natural Beauty – Malinka
Hair: Elikatira – Details

[CoL] – Fairy
(epoque.s) Revolution Pumps
Grix. – Body Shoppe – Glam Blush – melon
>TRUTH< Sehra – mocha
[W&B] Love is a Deserter Necklace (spine)
[Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff – TDR

Eyes – Exodi – Tetra – Naturals – Ash
Hair – Exile – Riot Girl – Roots – Marone
Birthday Suit – PF – Meloncauli


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Of course I left the skybox, purchased these hairs, then I got a delivery from Kavar LMAO, isn’t that always the way?!  Either way, I am more than happy to pay for quality goods and these, my friends, are goods of TOP NOTCH CALIBER!

I freakin *love* what Kavar has been doing with his hair, as you can tell from my very slack blog… Hair and Skin are my two loves, infact probably the only thing I venture outside of my Skybox much for any more, which I am trying to change but eh… I LOVE MUH HAIR AND SKINS!

Anyway, four new:


We have Rae, Riot Girl, Gwen and Evette! All are incredibly sexual in my (and your) pants, but I adore adore ADORE Rae, I love a good up do!!!   I am also loving the roots, LOVING!

Yeah, there’s a lot of love going on in my loins atm for Kavar, but he already knows that :D


52 WoC Lemon and Patriarch

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Hello! Sorry for the delay, once again!
With lemon being such a fun color, we sort of let our personas shine through, and not by dressing up as lemons, though very tempted. Me, I am Grungy Lemon. Wizzlit, Scholar Lemon. And Willis, well…she deemed herself Whore Lemon. I can’t see why.

WoC - Lemon

Patriarch, for me, is such a rich and regal color, the color of royalty. So how appropriate for us to dress up as…nothing that I just described.

WoC - Patriarch

Our looks are hot though, we are ready to go out…to different places.

Guess what? I got creds!! But Willis really has better photo skills, so I’m sorry if the pics aren’t up to par!

Grungy Lemon (Arbs) is wearing…
shorts: [SC] Surf Couture – Cafe Shorts – Khaki
shoes: UBU Drunks
hoodie: (CS) Print Hoodie – Citrus Circles
socks: [George] Megan
makeups: *BOOM* Hard Candy (lemon tart) creased,
[PF] Elly <Honey> Sheer Balm/Teeth (Soft Pink),
Cheap Makeup Liner + Lashes #4
hair: TRUTH BabyDoll 2 Streaked – toffee
skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] Ice Queen-Happy Holidays
eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Cocoa/S
Scholar Lemon (Wizzlit) is wearing…
Top: =^^= MIAO – Robin Empire Blouse (Gold)
Jeans: CandyDoll – T.B. Blue (Light)
Shoes: Baby Monkey – Ultimate Aalaya (Yellow)
Hair: Truth – Becky (Night)
Skin: TBS – Sandra Mk2
Eyes: Cool Beans – Visionary Eyes (Dream)
Teeth: Mynerva – Teeth 1
In Mouth: JD Design – Mouth Buttons
Glasses: Adjunct Eyewear – Precise Readers
Whore Lemon (still don’t see it) is wearing…
Eyes – Detour – Icey
Hair – Elikatira – Falling
Skin – PF – Elly – Milk – Angelic | Sheer Balm Lips
Outfit – Boom – Roller Romper – Yellow
Skates – Anamations – Lo Top Rollers
Wings – Scribble – Ever After
Eyes – Detour – Icey
Skin – League – Mia – Medium – Feline
Hair – Shag – Ode – Toffee
Top – tb – Neato – Purple
Pants – Addict – Evie Jeans – Regular
Shoes – Ducknipple – Harry
Cardigan: Fri.Day – Long Cardigan (Black, Scrunched Sleeve)
Leggings: SE*Designz – Lace Leggings, Lowrise (Pink Zebra)
Top: SE*Designs – Short Tank (Rock n’ Roll)
Necklace: Croire – Triple Portrait Pendant (Blush)
Shoes: ByKay – Cat Boots (Colour Change)
Hair: LeLutka – LOOSE (AlmostGoth)
Skin: LAQ – Vilda 09 (Peach)
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Clarus (Bubblegum)
Tattoo: SE*Designz – Buddhism
pants: *League* Metallic Shine Leggings-Gold
boots: [Armidi Gisaci] Kyoto Boots
Zaara : *plum* Nilaya jacket
makeup: Cheap Makeup Liner + Lashes #4,
[PF] Elly <C/M/H> – Glam Lipstick/Teeth – (Royall)
cast: -RC- Arm Cast (left) – signed
hair: Exile Kalea/whiskey
earrings: Lucy In Disguise – Owl Earrings
skin: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Angelic (dkbrow)
eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Cocoa/S
All poses by Frooti


52 WoC – Celadon!

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Hi everyone!  This is this weeks WoC – Celadon!  Hope you enjoy it, I apologise in advance for the lack of credits on my (Willis’) part… I got changed before i’d snagged what I was wearing and I don’t use the fancy schmancy new viewer because it crashes me so NEERRRRR.

So, I think i’m going to start doing my LotD again! So I should be a bit more active, I get sucked into to many things! But i’m really loving doing the WoC with my girlies! A few things have changed lately and i’m looking forward to wanting to log into SL more :D YAYYYY!

52 WoC - Celadon

Hair – Elikatira (FLF)
Skin – Curio – Pout 2
Shirt – Pig
Shoes – Maitreya

skin: pink fuel elly
hair: raw house lauren
top: SODA v-neck tunic
belt: elate
skirt: barerose frilled skirt
socks: fri. ribbed socks

Pants: Cynful – Modest Jeans Short
Sweatshirt: Tres Blah – Rad Sweatshirt
Undershirt: Cashmere – Vlang Shortsuit
Necklace: Dark Mouse – I Like Skittles Too
Hair: Exile – Bailey
Skin: Belleza – Aiko
Eyeliner: Essences – Cat Eyeliner

All poses – Frooti

52 WoC – Mauve and Electric Blue

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So hmm once again, we didn’t manage to find the time to get together for the pics, so excuse the contrasts… or you know, embrace them! It’s what sets us apart, right? Right :D

So let us start with Mauve, then onto Electric Blue (which looks suspiciously like Teal, but hey, I used internet RGB! >.>) and then the credits (most of which i’ve lost :D .. I really should give this job to someone more reliable *stares at Wizzlit and Arbers)

50 WoC - Mauve

52 WoC - Electric Blue




Top: BOTHER.Agent (Mauve Lace)
Pants: – Tyra Jeans (Washed Black)
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Fae Wedge
Necklace: KK – Pink Pearl Cerrie
Earrings: Eolande’s – Large Pearl Studs
Skin: LAQ – Vilda
Tattoo: Para Designs – Wonderland
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat – Khloe


hair: vive9 wang
jeans: cool beans
shoes: fri dream booties
top: zaara mitali top
skin: mynerva bianca
makeup: rozena


To be updated, I lost my stuff yo! But the hair is from Elikatira!

Electric Blue


Top: Acid & Mala – Multi-Layered Top (White Ash)
Shorts: Ingenue – Mitzi
Shoes: G Field – Wedge Tong Sandal
Hair: Elikatira – Vivid
Skin: Natural Beauty – Malinka
Teeth: Mynerva – Teeth 1
Bracelet: Lilies – Spring Has Fever


hair: milana tami
dress: 5th & oxford little miss slip
skin: mynerva bianca
shoes: friday dream booties


Skin – Curio
Dress – DeeTalez – Wet and Dry – Blue
Hair – Elikatira – Rush – Brown 05
Flip Flops – Maitreya

All poses from Frooti (currently still on uber sale :D )


*screams* HAIR FAIR

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Hellooooooooooo everybody!

Yep, it’s that time again! HAIR FAIR 2011 is HERE!   There is a demo group in world, make sure you join that first off… secondly… this is just a quick sneak peek at what is out there… there are some fandabbadoozy hairs this time… I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I intend to shove into my inventory, but here are a few of my absolute fav’s so far….

The hairs (in no particular order :P .. but I think they are in this order somewhat) in these pics are from LOQx3 | Posh | Elikatirax3 | Slink | Exilex5 | Raspberry Aristocratx2 | Rosy Mood | Illusoryx3 | dDxx3 | Wasabi Pillsx2 | Magikax2 | Miamaix2

HF - Round 1

HF - 2

HF 3

HF 4

Please do check out the hair fair at the following four sims… from midnight SLT tonight! All hairs are donation hairs, so please, buy buy buy…




Salt Water Taffy

52 WoC – Jade and Mahogany

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Um hi! We are still alive, just… been one of those weeks/months/years… you know?  Anyway! I am trying to get my butt into gear and get a bit more regular on SL, a bit like you’d get more regular with more fibre in your diet :D

I finally managed to get together the Jade and Mahogany posts, and we will post Mauve and Electric Blue this weekend so we are allll caught up! It’s not easy to get three gals on three timezones in the same place at the same time, y’know!?

Without further ado, less waffle… more stuffage:

Jade (uh yeah…. I obviously got a diff rgb for Wizzlits pic, but hey.. contrast is good, right?… I’M NAKED.. JUST DEAL WITH IT!)

WoC - Jade

Mahogany (again, contrast is good right… WE ARE ALL NAKED … under our clothes)

52 WoC - Mahogany



skin: mynerva kianna
hair: truth gloria
makeup: plastik, glam affair and musa
body suit and feathers: kletva
corset: weird designs poison
gloves: addict and pixeldolls
boots: abyss

Top: The SeaHole – FatBottomGirls
Cardigan: NSD – Laine Cardigan
Trousers: BOTHER. – Raider Pants (Grey)
Shoes: Baby Monkey – Crissie Sneakers (Aqua)
Skin: CheerNo – Emilia (Sunkissed)
Makeup: CheerNo – Femme Set 1 (Makeup 4)
Hair: Rezipsa Loc – Eliza (11pm)
Necklace: Eclectica – Victoriana Jade Necklace

Ummmmmmm.. well the shoes are by :D


Dress: Linc – Tankdress (Burnt Umber)
Hair: Truth – Elle (Java)
Skin: CandyDoll – Noelia
Shoes: Nardcotix – Rebekah (Orange)
Necklace: Glow Studio – Precious Necklace (Gold)
Teeth: Mynerva

dress: church of luxe lucy
shoes: J’s vintage short boots
hair: armidi pasadena girl v
skin: mynerva bianca
makeup: lelutka and cheap makeup

Dress: Plastik – Jaida – Mahogany
Hair: Exile – Annalise – Roots – Mahogany
Skin: Curio – Sweetheart – Acorn – Jealous 2

Hai… um.. I mean Hair!

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New haiiiirs! I am slow on the uptake, sorry :P

Two new styles from Elika!!  Little and Something!   Booootiful hairs!  I love how loose and free Little is, and I love Something… a basic pony but with the Elikatira flair :D


Exile! Oh Exxilllleeee… new textures, new options.. so much NEW!   Basically, Kavar has redone all of his textures and hair now comes with optional roots, and some with optional streaks!   I really love the new textures and i’m reallllly loving some of the new styles, and the roots are big hit with me :D  The only hair that is different from the pics below is the bottom right, that is Voodoo and is available at CH1C!



Finally two new styles from Truth too! Both with attachable flowers that come in various colours (and they are separate attachments, not in the hair).. WEE!Truth


52 WoC – Denim

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Oh hai!

This weeks colour is “Denim” and well, we did our best.. no really! OUR VERY BEST!!!!!

WoC - Denim

This bit is usually where I credit us, but ummm I lost the credits *ducks and hides*.  I will return with them, I promise!  But for now it’s Arbers on the left, me floozying it up in the middle and Wizzlit on the right!  HI FIVE, DENIM LOVERS <3

Also, I know I have the stupid shadow bug, but eh… I took the pics then realised so whatevs!  Just look at all the bare flesh, that should make things better, right? Right! | | | | | | | |