L.Fauna – Lea!

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Launa has released a new skin and she is delicious!

Meet Lea:

L.Fauna - Lea

Lea comes in9 tones and I realllllyyy love the pale ones, i’m not a huge fan of the darker ones but its nothing against the skin, just not a fantastic look on me!   I love the amount of options that come with these, they come with various “Cup” sizes, which is the clevage size ranging from barely there to full on under the chin cushions!  Freckles and Makeup layers are also options, along with a ton of premade eyebrows for you to peruse!



L.Fauna - Lea - Face Tattoos

I love the brows on the skin and the freckles are cute cute cute!! They are out now… go look at them and demo, and buy! Don’t know until you try :D

L.Fauna Taxi


WoC – Ruby

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Hai! My name is Arbel, long time lurker, first time posting!  Not really first time, but it has been awhile!

Willis emailed me to do this post, demanded to make it interesting and funny, or else I’ll be fired. I’m buckling under pressure here!

So…RUBY!  When I think of Ruby, I think of this:

Ah, I love that song, I can play it on Guitar Hero too! Got teh mad skillz!

Now that I’ve geeked up / ruined this post, I’ll just show the picture.

WoC - Ruby

Me, Willis, and Wizzlit, in that order. We had our different ideas about what to do about Ruby, but the end results are GAHHHGEOUS!

So how’d I do? I f*#d up didn’t I? Oh dear…


Skin: Minerva
Hair: JunWave EMMY
Dress: SugarCube beadily dress RUBY
Shoes: AOHARU Ribbon Belt Pumps
Shirt: Aoharu – Red Open Belted Shirt
Pants: BOTHER. –  Raider Cargo Pants (Dark Brown)
Boots: BOTHER. – Militia Boots (Inspired.Rouge)
Hair: Elikatira – Away (Black 04)
Skin: Mynerva – Adele B-Cup
Eyes: Cool Beans – Visionary Eyes (Surreal)
Earrings: Lyn – Seasons (Winter)
Eyes – Miriel – Predawn
Hair – fri.day – Tatum
Skin – League – Sia – Pale – Wrecked
Necklace – H.O.D – Fallen2
Boots – Fools Fate – Leather Boots
Dress – Ducknipple – Bokita

WoC – Pink/Neon Carrot

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We apologise, once again… for playing catch up! We love to do it as a threesome (evilsmirk).. but sadly all on diff timezones this makes it hard! *stabs timezones in the babymaker*… but well, we are all caught up now!  And here are Pink and Neon Carrot… Ruby will be posted soon :D

WoC - Pink

WoC - Neon Carrot

Pink Credits (L-R)

Hair: fascino Linea
Skin: Mynerva Kianna
Outfit: Edelweiss Neko Parka
Shoes: Deviant Designs

Eyes: DP YumYum – Glassy Pink
Skin: Curio – Pout – Dark Frex – Pure 2
Outfit: Katatonik – Derby Girl Outfit – Pink Taco
Hair: Elikatira – Break – Colour 09

Top: Sway – Koheshi Tank Top (Pink)
Jeans: L.inc – Tyra Jeans (Washed Black)
Scarf: Miel – Maki Scarf (Linen)
Hair: Elikatira – Vivid (Black 04)
Skin: Mynerva – Group Gift 1
Eyes: Cool Beans – Visionary Eyes (Vortex, Small)
Tattoo: Para Designs – Slither

Neon Carrot Credits (L-R)

Bloom Av: Surf Co
Everything Else: Gritty Kitty

Bloom Av: Surf Co (My Own Shape)
Eyes: Detour – Brown (Icey)
Hair: Truth – Miku 2 – Streaked – Macaroon
Bikini – League – Gartered Bikini – Orange Crush

Shape: Surf Co. – Bloom Doll
Hair: Elikatira – Mood (Red 05)
Shirt: Kyoot – Sunday Girl (Mayflower)
Skirt: Vesna – Kate Dress (Orange)
Shoes: Reek – Patteson Flip Flops (Orange)
Belt: Onigirl – Ribbon Belt
Ring: Gabriel – Flower Ring (Yellow)

Uh *taps microphone*

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Yes, I LIVE! It’s shocking, I know! I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, except the WoC, but I felt like a bit of shopping today so got me some new hairs, and of course there is a new Gala Skin coming.. so I had to go take pics of that! :P

I have decided to leave my hiatus of blogging and posemaking and try to get back into it, so yay! or boo… depends if you like seeing my face :D

Anywhooooo.. let’s look:

First up new hair from Exile! I say new, its like 2 weeks old but I literally haven’t been shopping for months hahaha! But I went and scooped up the three new awesomesauce hairs, Mae, Saja and Talia!  I love love love them all!  Mae is a kinda retro pinned curled style, Saja is a shorter style, tucked up underneath, very modern! and well, Talia is just curly heaven :D or wavy.. whatever you wanna call it!  I am loving Kavar’s releases lately, even if I have to admire them on someone elses head from the “outside”.

Exile - Hair

Then we have two new Truth hairs – Cecilia and Miku – Truth is really pumping out the braids lately, I think Cecilia is my fav! Perfect for the bikini i’m wearing :)   Miku is also super cute with colour change bow atop the head and long eye covering bangs, sweet youthful waves and an all round good look :)

Truth - New Hairs

and finally the new Chic face from Gala!  I find this face is a more “mature” face for Gala, I just think I look less babyface, more older face.   It’s got a nice mix of makeups from the barely there look of the pures, to the electric coloured eyeliners on several others, some of the lips have that iridescent shine to them that some love, some hate….  Overall a great looking face, with a good variety to choose from!

Gala - Chic FacesMuch love <3

52 WoC – Olive

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Yes yes, we are still playing catch up, timezones SUCK, that is all I have to say about that!

52 WoC - Olive

We have our pink done, but we are going to pair it up with Neon Carrot (and may I say.. WillowC is VERY mean and wouldn’t allow us to be Olives for this post, and now she is putting the firm fist on the table and saying we can’t be carrots either! JUST WTF?? TUT)


SKin: Mynerva Kianna
Hair: Truth Candice Espresso
Eyes: Vive9 Gem Olive Eyes
Makeup: Boom Flatter My Eyes
Green Dress: Plastik Shredder Olive
Jacket: bijou Blaze short bolero
Bangles: Zaara Melange bangles olive
Bare Feet from SLink
Pose from Frooti


Dress: The Plastik – Prototype Denim (Smog Paisley)
Tights: L.inc – Wool Panty (Eggplant)
Socks: Shiny Things – Stripy Knit Thigh Highs (Khaki)
Boots: Dirty Lynx – Kimiko Urban High Heel Boots
Flowers: Olive Juice – Blooms 8 (Marigolds)
Bangles: Artilleri – Brazil Bracelets (Blue/Blueberry/Green)
Choker: Lyn – Seasons Choker (Autumn)
Hair: Elikatira – Me (Brown 08)
Skin: Belleza – Aiko (Group Gift)
Eyes: Cool Beans – Visionary Eyes (Vortex, Small)
Tattoo: Para Designs – Slither
Pose from Frooti


Hair – Exile | Nema – Coffee Mix
Eyes – L.Fauna – Light Blue (50LF)
Skin – Leafy – Luna – Peach – Dusk
Top – fri.day – Twofer Tank – Olive.Branch
Cords – CS Cords – Olive (currently on sale!)
Pose from Frooti

WoC – Tangerine

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Tangerine this week, as usual featuring (from left to right) Willis, Arbel and myself, WillowC. Nothing like a bit of cheerful citrus to welcome in the spring, even if I, personally, am still sat under half a foot of snow. I am therefore subtitling this colour: Optimistic Orange.

52 WoC - Tangerine
Credits (left to right):

Tuli – Wide Sleeved Shirt – Tangerine
fri.day – Denim Skirt – Light Wash
SC – Shoelace Sandals – White
Elikatira – Early – Red 01

Skin: Ys&Ys – Penelope
Hair: Novocaine – Antoinette Tangerine
Tank: JANE – intrinsic tank Tangerine
Blouse: Tuli – Wide Sleeve Shirt Tangerine
Pants: Tee*fy – Ophelia pants
Shoes: Maitreya – Soho Boots

Dress: Crazy – Phuket Dress
Jacket: Moonshine – Demi Jacket (Leather, Heavy Metal)
Shoes: Reek – Patteson Flip Flops (Orange)
Eyes: The Plastik – Animale (Christmas)
Hair: Exile – Teyona (Chilli Mix)
Skin: CandyDoll – Noelia
Teeth: Mynerva – Teeth 1

WoC – Eggplant and Periwinkle

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We’re running a little behind for these two colours, which will come as a shock to nobody, and so will be posting them together. Both pictures feature, from left to right, Willis, Arbel and myself, WillowC.


52 WoC - Eggplant

Credits (left to right):

League: Unzipped – Purple
Maitreya: Allure – Black
Elikatira: Paper – Brown 05

Skin: Ys&Ys – Penelope
Hair: Magika – Porcelain
Makeup: BOOM – Liquid Glaze Purple
Tank: JANE – Intrinsic Tank Eggplant
Jacket: INGENUE – Ever After Cardigan
Shorts: Shop Seu – shopan black
Socks: LOULOU&CO – Soleil Moon
Shoes: hoorenbeck – Military Boots

Top: League – Ribbon Tied Tank (Puce)
Leggings & Skirt: Apple May – Rocker Mash Up
Shoes: Elikatira – Secret Boots (Cocoa)
Skin: Natural Beauty – Malinka (Sunkissed 01)
Hair: 69 – Olivia 03 (Mocha)
Eyes: Cool Beans – Visionary Eyes (Dream)


52 WoC - Periwankle

Credits (left to right):

Artilleri: Kitty Dress – Light Blue (50LF)
Maitreya: Allure
Elikatira: Breathe – Brown 04

Skin: Ys&Ys – Penelope
Hair: Milana – Tami
Collar, Armbands, and Top: Barerose – Elma (top modified)
Skirt: Sweetest Goodbye – Delispice Choco
Socks: League – Ella Stockings
Shoes: Un Jour *seasons hunt*

Dress: Bijou – Posh (Yellow – Closing Sale ends soon!)
Boots: COCO – Leather & Canvas Flat Boots (Cream)
Eyes: Cool Beans – Visionary Eyes (Dream)
Hair: Elikatira – Vivid (Blond 07)
Skin: Mynerva – Group Gift
Teeth: Mynerva – Teeth 1

All poses by *Frooti*

Shameless Promotion

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…of Frooti…

Heya :) Below is a new group gift, which is a giant hint to check out the fatpacks at Frooti this weekend (possibly longer)… everything is 50% off, Including the releases made at the Pose Fair, also listed below.  Have a great weekend, one and all <3

Taxi to Frooti <3

Frooti - Group Freebie

Frooti - Mixed Bag 2

Frooti - Vendorlicious 8

Close Up



52 WoC – Eggplant

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Today it’s just a pic.. I can tell you that my dress is from League, my hair is from Elikatira, but I was too busy trying to take the picture to get the rest of the credits.  SORRY!

52 WoC - Eggplant

WoC – Asparagus

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I suppose I ought to be grateful that none of my colleagues turned up dressed as a giant vegetable for this one. Grateful, but still quite surprised. Almost as surprised as I am that we all managed to hit the colour swatch pretty dead on. Wonders will never cease.

Mind you, next week is Aubergine. I have already warned them that anyone in a bulbous purple costume will be sliced up and put in a moussaka. We shall see.

Anyway, here you have it: Asparagus week, featuring (from left to right) Arbel, Willis and myself, WillowC. Chew on us and we’ll make your wee smell funny.

52 WoC - Asparagus

Credits (left to right):

Skin: Pink Fuel – Kumi
Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Kiro Special (soil)
Eyes: Tuli – Intense Eyes Green
Makeup: *BOOM* Liquid Glaze Liner Lime, Flatter my Eyes Green
Top: COCO (free gift)
Pants: BareRose – Inferno
Socks: Grixdale – Antique Sock Set – Bean Sprout
Boots: Kookie – Nyox Hobbit
Panties: League – Itty Bitty Tanga

Shirt: fri.day
Jeans: Linc
Shoes: Maitreya
Hair: Elikatira
Skin: LAQ

Dress: Crazy – Weid Dress (Green)
Boots: Tesla – Kensington Boots (Black)
Socks: Shiny Things – Stripe Knit Thigh Highs (Khaki)
Hair: Truth – Miranda (Night)
Skin: Laqroki – Vilda (Peach, 06)
Eyes: Clover – Real Eyes #32
Earrings: Lyn – Seasons Earrings (Plat, Summer Green)
Bracelet: Tekeli-li – Ouroboros

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