52 WoC – Melon, Apricot & Jazzberry

I apologise in advance, but I shall be blogging these three colours out of their intended order (as well as very late. Not that this will surprise anyone – we’re a bunch of Tail End Charlies and no mistaking). I have good reason for this: as I was putting the pictures together, I noticed that, despite two of us taking the pictures at the same time, and all of us working from the same colour palettes, we appear to have suffered from increasing levels of confusion.

First, we have Jazzberry. No real problems here, aside from the usual disagreement over colour interpretation, and some slight background issues.

52 W0C: Jazzberry

Next up, Apricot, and here the problems began. Willis and I were having trouble telling the difference between Melon and Apricot… and thus, though Arbel managed to get the background correct, despite taking her pictures at a completely different time, my background colour is entirely different to Willis’s.

52 WoC: Apricot

And finally, Melon, which is frankly a knickerbocker glory of shades. The pictures Willis sent over of my outfits were the wrong way round and I’m not 100% convinced, even now, that I’ve got hers correct. Apparently, if it ain’t from opposite sides of the colour wheel, we can’t tell the difference. Pretty though, right? What can I say: we’re cute, not that bright.

52 WoC: Melon


Top: +mocha+ – Spring Is In The Air (Pink)
Skirt: Belote – High Waist Skirt (Pink)
Leggings: Belote – LightPinkPrint
Boots: Baby Monkey – Biker Boot (Wine)
Skin: Al Vulo – Cloe, Bohemiene (Milk)
Makeup: La Petit Morte – The Romantics
Hair: Magika – Luna (Roots Edition)

Clawtooth: Woman of the Year – Delicious wine
[Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff – TDR

Skin – Curio -Sundust – Autumn – Purple Queen
Hair – Elikatira – Breeze – Colour 07
Eyes – glassy : purple
Dress – Schandanfraude – Pink Dragon Electro-Cute


Skin – League – Amber – Pale – Apricot – Frex
Eyes – Exodi – Tetra – Naturals – Ash
Hair – Exile – Kirsten – Apricot
Top – LaLaFooFoo – Belted Tunic – Apricot
Shorts – The Sea Hole – Engineer Shorts – Black

Dress: Black&Blue Outfitters – Valentino
Shoes: R.icielli – Oxford II (Gold)
Skin: Al Vulo – Cloe, Bohemiene (Milk)
Hair: LeLutka – Shoop (Walnut Whip)

The Sea Hole Garden district dress: dauphine
::Kookie:: Nudes Wedge
(fd) Sparks – Salt
[Atomic] Lien Skin (DB)_Buff – TDR


Bikini: Cool Beans – Bean-kini (Hawaiian Pink)
Gun: BOTHER. – AK-47 (Bonus pink skin)
Tattoo: SE*Designz – Buddhism
Earrings: MB Style – Earrings of Pearls
Skin: Natural Beauty – Malinka
Hair: Elikatira – Details

[CoL] – Fairy
(epoque.s) Revolution Pumps
Grix. – Body Shoppe – Glam Blush – melon
>TRUTH< Sehra – mocha
[W&B] Love is a Deserter Necklace (spine)
[Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff – TDR

Eyes – Exodi – Tetra – Naturals – Ash
Hair – Exile – Riot Girl – Roots – Marone
Birthday Suit – PF – Meloncauli

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  1. omg you ladies are a RIOT!!

    Thank you for the early morning giggle <3

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