A Bit of This and a Bit of That…

… That’s what you get today, I’m not really in a bloggity blogging mood, but felt the need to anyway, silly… I know!

Anyway, it’ll be short and sweet, I promise, we have an outfit today, a skin and some hair, sorta!

First we have a new outfit from Boutique, it comes with a lot of options and is definately going to bring out the cowgirl in you! You get the clothing bits you can see on me, you get the necklace and the hat and you also get a pair of earrings to match the necklace!


It’s one of those uniquely hand-drawn outfits that I have a love/hate relationship with, sometimes I hate to love them, sometimes I love to hate them. This one is really nice, although I did find the skirt seemed a bit darker in colour in comparison to the actual glitchpants, but i’m pretty convinced that might have been my settings! Also seen in the picture is the newest offering from Exile, my new crack hair dealer! Isn’t it LOVELY?? I thought so!

Next are a few skins from 42, and there will be nudity, oh yes there will.

This is the Earthen Set, it’s a nice mix of earthy tones both dark and light, and is the perfect makeup set for anyone that likes to wear browns, greens and similar tones.

42 - Faces

Below are the Body Tones: Pale, Neutral, Tan and Medium (I’m not sure why the Medium is darker than the tan, but thats how mine were named!) I love the Pale tone in 42 skins , a lot!

42 - Bodies - Earthen

So that’s about it, just a quickie! Hair seen in the 42 pics is from Toast Bard and is only available at the Hair Fair for a short while longer (then it will be in store, I believe!)


~ by Willis on June 29, 2009.

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