Alphabet Blogging Challenge – Rules and STUFFS!

If you reached this page, you are interested in the Alphabet blogging challenge.. or you are very very lost.  BUT IF YOU ARE LOST.. please stay? :D

The rules are pretty simple (and we tried to make them flexible)… Everything you wear… must begin with the letter you are blogging.. for example:

  • Store Name
  • Item Name
  • Item Colour
Now, we know how hard it is to just find a store beginning with that letter for EVERYTHING, so if you must stretch it out to creator name or something else, we’re not going to go OHHHHHH NOOOO CHALLENGE FAILED!!  It’s supposed to be fun and help you dig through that inventory and recoil in horror, or sheer delight at finding something you forgotten about.

I won’t be including poses in my “items”, but its up to you if you do, I did the 2nd time I did the challenge, and I found it harder and harder so meh.. we’ll not bother to stick that in the rules!


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