Alphabet Challenge – We’re doin’ it again!

If you are a long time reader of my blog (which I highly doubt) you will know that upon occasion I blogged by colour.. but there is a challenge going on for that (which we try and do, very badly usually) and I used to blog by Letter too!  Now, we decided while we LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour challenge, this blog is a bit quiet other than that, so we had a menage a trois and decided to start off the Alphabet Challenge again, with 3 of us doing it! Now.. if you would like to do this challenge please do feel free and leave us a URL here and if there is enough interest we will form a flickr group etc, or a weekly roundup… but it’s not something we expect anyone to join, but we live in the vain hope they might!

The rules are pretty simple (and we tried to make them flexible)… Everything you wear… must begin with the letter you are blogging.  Now, we know how hard it is to just find a store beginning with that letter for EVERYTHING, so it can be store, item name, colour… at a stretch creator.. but I think those three rules are pretty flexible.  See our A’s below and I think you’ll see what we mean!  (click through for a larger image)

Hope to see some of you doing it! Remember to link here if you do, we’d love to show off peoples looks :)


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  1. Oooo…I’m in!

  2. I love this! I gave it a go here:

    Will it be a weekly thing? I’ve added you to my blogroll and can’t wait to see more. <3

  3. Ooh me too!! I also run which I’d run this on too.

  4. Super interested :D Hope I get back into blogging to do this, but sign me up~

  5. OMG gonna have to try this!
    How does it work?

  6. Hiya! All the rules are here, not that there are many! and yayyy, I will update my blogroll as soon as i’m on a less laggy connection :D

  7. Aww it looks fun! Is there any deadline?

  8. HAD to join this one, love an excuse for a dig through my wardrobe warehouse, and I’ll never pass up a challenge… I attempted, I might have failed lol… One question, is this weekly or monthly letter changing?

  9. Hiya! That’s awesome, thanks for joining in :D

    We plan to do it weekly, but people can go at their own pace, I know I don’t always get to the pc on time! :)

  10. Absolutely not! At your own leisure! We are trying to get one a week out, but it could be longer as there are three of us on three different timezones :)

  11. Good idea! I am going to do this challenge. sounds like a lot of fun

  12. I had to give this a go. A is for Arya after all! Here is my contribution:

  13. Thank you guys all so much for taking part, I am LOVING seeing what you are all doing, and finding a few new gems :D

  14. I love the idea of this challenge, so here is my letter A…and I am already working on letter B!!!!

  15. <3 thank you for hosting this :D I had fun!

  16. I’m a little behind. I just found this! But it looks like a lot of fun so I’m going to give it a go. Here’s mine for A –

    I also added you to my blogroll. <3

  17. Hi Willow! Pearls & Pistols would LOVE to do the Alphabet Challenge! In fact, we’re doing a post on the letter C right now. :)

    Here’s our link! Hopefully the flickr group can be started!

  18. The group was started last week! :) ty for joining in!

  19. i really love the idea and i would like to join, hope im not to late

    how do i know when and what? thanks

  20. I had to get involved and I’m doing every letter of the alphabet :D here is “A”

  21. I debated back and forth for a long time about doing this challenge, since I have never really blogged, but I figured hey what a great way to start cleaning out my inventory! So I am a little bit behind but playing catch up quickly!! Here is my Letter A & B. Hope you all enjoy :)

  22. I did three at once, thank you for doing this challenge again ♥

  23. Here is my Letter C… Now to start working on D lol. Hope you enjoy :)

  24. Veronica Ogleby

    I have just posted the F challenge. This one was a real fun one for me. I used what I had for an F skin and ran with it! Hope you enjoy it.

  25. I’m a late comer but thought I would give it a try!

    A is

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