Helloooo just a quick post from me with some awesome new stuffies!

First up Lustre from Gala! She’s so preetttttyyyy! A more “mature” face to the other recent faces, I feel.   It comes in all the usual tones, with all the usual billionty and seventy one options.   I think this one makes me look a lot different to the others, the lips aren’t as plump, but I think it’s still cuuuuuuute, but a more mature cute :P .  You should totally try it on whether you’re a Curio fan or not, you might be surprised!

Gala - Lustre

Next up we have Exodi’s new line: Sylvan!   This baby also comes with a gazillionty options, and several tones.  I opted for Cachet which is a nice milky tone.  You can see the 15 makeups below, although you might need to click thru to the supersized picture!  I admit I haven’t looked at it in close close detail, I really only take a quick look over the shading and then concentrate on my face (vain, I know!).  And I like it, although I find my nostrils look a little flarey… and i’m not to sure about the thick style brow, but thats a personal taste thing :)

Really cute, no? (yes?)

Exodi - Sylvan

We then have two new styles from Truth, with 2 different bang styles in each AND a streaked option for one!  On the left is Mandy, shes a fierce looking wild child hair with colour change clip and Priscilla is on the right; a pony high on the head complete with streak options to boot!  Both are pretty “big” hairs, and executed wonderfully :)

New Truth

Finally we have hair from RezIpsa Loc (I always have to double check i’ve spelt that right!). These hairs are only available at Chic Limited and are freakin frackin all kinds of feckin awesome!  The theme is “The Elements”, well we have all four here!  Frances Loves Earth, Water, Air and Fire from L-R!   The earth version comes with leaves around the head, the water with seashells and pebbles.. both of these styles come with 2 attachment points for optimum placement minus boob interferage (totally a word) and Air and Fire are just two lovely hairs, perfect for picture taking, I particularly love the touch of the wisp around the neck. LOVE LOVE LOVE

RezIpsa Loc

That’s all for now, see you realllllly soon <3

~ by Willis on March 14, 2011.

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