Lily of the Valley!

Not quite of the Valley, but still Lily!   This is the newest skin release from Ryker Beck over at Exodi and my oh my, it’s love.

There will be nudity below this cut, so… NSFW! :P

With every release, Exodi seems to get better and more defined, and I believe this is the way it’s supposed to work, anyhoooo… Lily is no exception to that rule.   I absolutely ADORE her.   I found with the older Exodi skins I had to change my face shape slightly, as the lips were kinda pouty but this one fit like a glove and I do (if I may say so myself) look DIVINE!

Let’s take a look at the tones:

Exodi - Lily

From Left to Right you can see Dove, Cedar, Cherry and Elm.   Dove is a gorgeous light tone, not overly light though, so no good for the token goth girl.. but still a gorgeous traditional English Rose kinda style (hi-5) and we go all the way through getting darker until we get to Elm, which is a rich dark creamy brownish colour!   The details on the skin are gorgeous, Ryker is completely thorough with the checking of seams, it would seem.   I love the cleavage shading as it’s not too in your face, and the stomach/hip area is beautifully toned but no muscle mania going on!

Exodi - Lily

The ass is just PEACHY, as always and the thing I love about Exodi skins is they seem to have a visible (sexy not freaky) spine and small little back dimples! I love that touch, personally.   You get all the little things like elbow shading, the tendons on the back of the foot/ankle… it’s a very detailed number!

You do get tintable nails on the glove layer, and you get tintable underwear for the hooha area :P

These are four of the makeups available:

Exodi - Lily

How i’ve showcased these is by tone and each makeup you get in a set.  Yup, Lily comes with both a Normal and a Faded option, the faded is, quite obviously, a faded option of the makeup!   I was say the Faded is more of a “day” look and maybe the Normal is more of an evening look!   So you can see from L-R we have Errands in Dove, Blame in Cedar, Chocolate in Cherry and Romantique in Elm!    They are some GORGEOUS makeups and they aren’t all shown here, there are 4 more to buy!

This is the first skin in the Exodi range to come with the Norm/Faded options and also it comes with both Dark and Light Brows!  I am usually a fan of darker brows, I find lighter ones in SL don’t quite look *right*, but you can see them above on the Cherry Chocolate pictures!

Overall I’m extremely happy with Lily and I can’t wait to see more makeup releases, let’s hope we get some before Ryker starts on yet another new skin, you know what she’s like :P

Exodi in SL

*hair from, earrings from Reek

~ by Willis on August 11, 2009.

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