Of course I left the skybox, purchased these hairs, then I got a delivery from Kavar LMAO, isn’t that always the way?!  Either way, I am more than happy to pay for quality goods and these, my friends, are goods of TOP NOTCH CALIBER!

I freakin *love* what Kavar has been doing with his hair, as you can tell from my very slack blog… Hair and Skin are my two loves, infact probably the only thing I venture outside of my Skybox much for any more, which I am trying to change but eh… I LOVE MUH HAIR AND SKINS!

Anyway, four new:


We have Rae, Riot Girl, Gwen and Evette! All are incredibly sexual in my (and your) pants, but I adore adore ADORE Rae, I love a good up do!!!   I am also loving the roots, LOVING!

Yeah, there’s a lot of love going on in my loins atm for Kavar, but he already knows that :D


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  1. I’m sorry.. where’s this hair from? Kavar? I can’t find it in world..

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