Oh… to be Bella!

I’m actually talking about Bella the skin from Tuli, not Bella from Twilight… although gimme a chance to be her and play tonsil hockey with Edward and Jacob and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THERE!

Bella is the newest skin from Tuli, released just a few days ago.   This skin comes with various makeups and 5 tones.   Each skin comes with 3 cleavage options and 3 brow options… is that value for money or what?!

Let’s start with a look at some makeups! All the makes up are named after what I assume are Tuli’s friends! Well they are named after people anyway :P

There are various makeups as you can see, to choose from.   Ranging from natural looking, to emo tears and then to the funkier spectrum and beyond!    The eyes are all luscious, and the lips are just soooo kissable!  Just that little bit of sheen makes them lovely!

Tuli - Bella - Faces

Now, let’s take a look at the tones you can get!

Tuli - Bella - Tones

You can see they vary from a lighter tone, to the darker tan. All of them lovely and not overly orange or anything! I do love me a good natural skin tone colour!   The shading on the skins is also great, Tuli stated on her blog that it wasn’t “perfect” but honestly… who has “perfect” skin in real life?   To me, they rock.   The shading on the boobs isn’t too heavy, I love the little hip bone shading, giving a realistic look and well, I don’t zoom in on my cooch but it looks pretty sweet from where I am!

Finally let’s take a look at the cleavage options and stare at my rump for a bit too :D

Tuli - Bella - Options

Three options for booooobehs isn’t anything to sniff at!  You can choose the natural looking ones, the slightly pushed up ones, or the uber pushed up ones!   I usually, in SL, prefer the natural looking boobs… only because size 345345345 boobs with push up enhancers that put your boobs under your chin just make me giggle at you >.>

So there we have it! ENJOY!

*Hair by Truth | Eyes by Exodi

~ by Willis on November 9, 2009.

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