The Body Politik – Skin Creator!

So!  It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from TBP and why is that?  That’s because for the last fair while they have been working on an extensive online custom Skin Creator!   Yes, I know some of you will say heyyy, well Soda does that too and yes, yes Soda does (I have many custom skins to acknowledge that :D )… and now there is another creator in town offering us SO many options it’s mind blowing.

The BP creator offers as a base:  4 skin tones, various eyeshadow colours and various lip colours.   That’s what you get for 1K, if you want a regular skin with no extras.    If you want extras you get the choice of:  freckles, various eyebrow options, various blushes, various beauty marks, upper body tattoos, lower body tattoos, stomach tones, various nipples, 3 variations of breast shading, various pubic hair options.   It’s a pretty extensive list let me tell you!

The Body Politik - Custom Skin Creator

So how does this work?   Well you create your skin, if you’d just like a regular skin, no extras.. it will cost you $L1000.   You send off your order from the website then by either checking out, or asking for a demo before you checkout.  You then have to visit the kiosk in world and click on it to receive your demo, or pay for your skin.   The sweet thing about this is TBP have uploaded ALL variations of “basic” skins into their system, so whatever you create, if it has no extras, you will receive it immediately as you have paid!     This means you get the “Base” skin of your choice, and if you ordered custom parts, you get that too!   See below for examples, left are the base skins, right are the customs:

TBP - Skin Creation - Customs

For both my choices I added different eyebrows, I find the base eyebrows slightly reddish, I also added freckles to both.  I doooo love me some freckles!   I added full eyeliner to both and also change the nipples, as I didn’t really dig the default ones, but really I just wanted to try out all the options!  Tattoo’s weren’t loaded at the time.. so I bypassed those.  I kinda like the stomach as is, so left that be, and I don’t want pubic hair! (Base left, Custom right below:)

TBP - 2 Tones

I spent a good fair while flicking back and forth between the options and it loads it up for you on the site, so you can see what your skin will look like with the added options allowing you to add and take away at your leisure!

When i’d finished playing, I was pleasently surprised that my “custom” skin only came to a total of  $L1250!  I was thinking it was going to be far more than that.   Of course at that point I wasn’t aware you got the “base” skin either… so that was also a nice surprise.

The other good thing about this system is that once you’ve ordered a skin, any skin… if you return and choose the same tone, eye and lip colours the price of the skin drops to $L200.  So if you get a skin with customs, then later decide you’d like to add tats, change nippes, add pubes, add a beauty mark, change the blush… etc… it will only cost you a base $L200 then the fees of the extras you add.   I quite like that idea!  Especially if you find an eye/lip combo you love and want it with various blushes, with or without freckles etc!

I hope i’ve explained this all ok, the best thing you can do really is test it out for yourself, even if it’s just to play and get demos!   The site isn’t live yet but as soon as it is I will update this post with a link, or just do a new post saying OH HAI, ITS LIVE!

Polly and Max have put a lot of work into this and i’m glad to see more designers offering such a huge custom service like this!

~ by Willis on August 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Body Politik – Skin Creator!”

  1. heya could i have the link to the webpage please? xD (looking great btw) hehe

  2. Hi! Par1s.

    The site isn’t live for a few days, I will update here with the link when it’s all finalized! Thanks for reading :D


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