Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, this post is going to be UBER image heavy, as I went on a bit of a hair buying spree over the last couple days and uh… yeah… I don’t have a whole lot to say about it all. So yeah, look at the pics and if you want read the short blurb i’ll write, but hey.. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t :D …  So let’s get this hairy party started:


First two new hairs from Gritty Kitty, well at least one of them is new..ish… they are both new.. ish…

Gritty Kitty - Ghetto

First up is Ghetto! I love this hair and in my opinion it’s a lil out of the GK norm… it’s gorgeous pin curls, a few of which change on click with another hair colour.. or you can wear regularly like the pic on the right.   Ghetto could pass as a retro style or a sexy style.. oh hell.. have both!

Gritty Kitty - Hollister

Next up is Hollister! This is a short, sharp style with a colour change headband around the head! What else can I say about this style except it’s sasstastic and is a perfect unisex style!


Ok.. SLink… newer hairmakers to the scene and ohhh emmm geeeeee, awesome ones!

SLink - Julianne and Trinny

So we have two styles here:

Julianne -She is a gorgeous side bun style with wisps of hair here and wisps of hair there, wisps and wisps of hair everywhere!   A bit like an older SLink release but with the added smexy bun bit.. HOO!

Trinny – This is classy updo with added braids over the top of the head and around to the ears.  Again there are a lot of wispy bits, but I find it makes the hair look more realistic!  Put on a nice dress and feel like a total princess in this gem.

Dont’ forget SLink have the rad HUD that changes colour and size of your hair with one click, so it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Ohhh Magika… you make so much hair my head hurts… but I love you!

Magika - 1

After – A simple two piggy style hair with black bands tying them over your back and some really shaggy sexy bangs just hovering over the eyes… simplistic but stylish!

Birdhead – A hair a lil out of the ordinary, but hilarious!    Birdhead comes as a shorter style hair with longer side bangs and a swept fringe and of course, the hairbirds on top of the head… HA! Love it!

Magika - 2

Bow – Lady GaGa hits the grid again…. I LOVE the fringe on this hair, I wish you could get it without the bow.. and perhaps in a shorter style… I don’t ask for much! But yeah… Bow is self explantory really, a longer shaggy style with the bow atop the head.. JUST DANCE!

Laura – A nice simple heavier style ponytail at the back of the head with the face covered with some sculpty bangs!   I had issue with the eyelashes in this one, so you might wanna not wear those.    Another style thats simple but sexy tho.

Magika - 3

Pow – A bun on the side style, it’s rather side heavy but I love the sculpty bangs on this one, a lil wavy… a lot sexy!   Another simple hairstyle with a hint of demure.

Robin – I think this is my fav of the releases… Robin is a razor cut style with the bangs covering one half of the face, kinda like a lopsided bob, whatever it is I love it and I am srsly thinking of doing my hair like this in RL on Wednesday, yay or nay?!

Magika - 4

Spring – Two high bunches on the back of the head and a bandana holding it all in place, it’s Magikas first step into spring!  The Bandana is texture change on touch to various different colours!

Srsly – Love the name, love the hair…It’s a side pony style with those gorgeous wavy bangs again covering half the face.  I just dig that kinda style, I guess!

Zen – The final offering from Magika a longer style, I had some alpha issues with this one as you can probably see in the pic, not my fav hair ever but it would totally work for a boho style with it’s long flowy look coupled with the texture change bandana and bow!

Ok so there you have it, I said it was image heavy!   But I couldn’t resist showing off my new hair and it gave me a good reason to keep trying it all on… not that I needed one >.>


Skin – Cupcakes – Seduction – Cameo – Various

Top – LaLa FooFoo

~ by Willis on April 9, 2009.

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3 Responses to “zOMG HAIR!”

  1. SLink looks niiiice

  2. omfg bow look cute !

  3. The Lady Gaga and Robin one ‘s were cute
    and very modern!!!

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